Cheetah’s mouth Dripping with Blood after Devouring a Wildebeest in Kenya!!

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The cheetah – coloured to blend in perfectly to the dry grasslands of African and capable of reaching speeds exceeding 70mph – is considered one of the world’s greatest predators.

Using a mixture of cunning, stealth and sheer speed, it stalks its prey to within a few hundred metres before chasing it down, tripping it with its paws, and biting into its throat.

These incredible pictures show a cheetah camouflaged perfectly within the long grass hunting its prey at full speed – can you spot the hidden cat?

The cheetah is also visible in this image, taken just seconds after the herd of wildebeest realised they were being stalked

Here I am: The hidden cheetah is circled in this photograph, which shows it is camouflaged within the long yellow grass

Here it is circled in the second frame, taken moments after the first, showing it giving chase to the herd of wildebeest

Mr Gerlach said: ‘The attack started suddenly, like an arrow off a crossbow. All three attacked the herd from different sides. The special thing was that there was nothing special to see at first.

‘Then I saw it. The three cheetah brothers and I was the only photographer in sight. After only a few seconds one of the hunters had captured an approximately nine-month-old calf. With a firm stranglehold on the throat he strangled the calf.

‘He began to devour the prey at breakneck speed and they do this so other predators, such as lions or hyenas can’t get to their loot. Then after only a few minutes the cheetahs fell tired and rested on a full stomach in the grass around.’

Pictured is the cheetah giving chase to the herd of wildebeest. The cats are known to reach speeds exceeding 70mph

Success: The cheetah captures the wildebeest by the throat after tripping it with its paws in a dramatic end to its hunt

The wildebeest spent several minutes writing in agony as the cheetah bit down in a bid to strangle it
The wildebeest thrashed its legs in a bid to escape but it was unsuccessful in its attempts to escape the cat's clutches

After it had killed the wildebeest, a second cheetah which had helped with the hunt emerged to take part in the eating

Wildebeest are a common target for cheetahs, who are able to match their speed during short-term pursuits

Mr Gerlach said the hunting cheetah actually captured a small calf - a target due to its smaller size and lack of speed

The hungry cheetah tears a piece of flesh off of the wildebeest's leg while feasting on the animal in Kenya

The cheetah's mouth was left dripping with blood as seen in these gruesome images

Cheetahs such as these typically hunt wildebeest, gazelle, impala, springbok and even smaller animals such as foxes Cheetahs such as these typically hunt wildebeest, gazelle, impala, springbok and even smaller animals such as foxes


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