Cheetah Takes It Easy Next To Giraffes

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The cheetah was spotted relaxing.  Wildlife photographer Paul Goldstein captured those pictures.

He spotted only the giraffes. But the female cheetah was having a restful weekend.

‘The joy area like the Olare Conservancy. It still has the potency to suprise,’ the Wimbledon-based photographer said.

‘A giraffe is a decent start to the day in the bush. But this pastel opening gave no indication. We left them a favourite Conservancy cheetah.

She was hungry.  But Cheetah seem lazy. After she getting spotted by her potential quarry, she flopped down in the middle of the sun-baked plains.’

‘The collective term for giraffes is a ‘journey’ and soon the ones from dawn were joined by a number of others.’

The giraffes spotted the cheetah and inquisitively approached, he said.

‘Being a Conservancy with few vehicles and off road driving permitted we were able to line them up,’ Mr Goldstein added.

‘I was not expecting them to come so close even though they are in no danger from a female feline of this spotted denomination, but they like to keep any predator in view.

‘Before long there was a considerable ‘neckline’ of them and these skinny sentinels spent a while studying the indifferent animal.

He added that the cheetah captured in the photographs has given birth to three litters in seven years.

‘She is an accomplished hunter but this, despite what it may appear, would always be eyes bigger than stomach,’ he said.

‘Eventually with the cheetah almost catatonic, the giraffes moved off: Journey’s End.’




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