Cheetah brings down a gazelle after incredible chase… only for hyenas

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A cheetah hunt down a gazelle. Before Hyenas stole leopard’s prey.
Keith Crowley travelled to the Ndutu plains. His pictures show the cheetah stalking. Its prey before chasing down the female Thompson’s gazelle. The mother manages to snare her prey.
Keith said: ‘It was thrilling to see the raw speed and stealth of such iconic animals. I saw two other kills before this one, but this is the only one where the gazelle ran towards me, it was incredible. Cheetahs are in a precarious situation right now as their habitat dwindles and I went to Ndutu specifically to see them in their natural element before they are gone. Witnessing four different kills, and the interaction between the cubs was an unforgettable experience. I feel incredibly lucky to have seen the things I saw in Tanzania

Keith Crowley, 56, from Hudson, Wisconsin in the US travelled to the Ndutu plains in Tanzania to photograph cheetahs
He managed to capture on camera an epic chase that saw a cheetah hunt down a Thompson’s gazelle
The cheetah stalked and then chased the gazelle before eventually pouncing on her and killing her
The speedy gazelle did her best to get away from the cheetah but she was ultimately no match for the fearsome predator
The pair raced across the savanna but it was the ferocious cheetah who was victorious in the end
The mother cheetah was out on a hunting mission to provide food for her young cubs
Photographer Keith managed to capture the stunning shots as the gazelle ran towards him – with the cheetah hot on her heels
Cheetahs are becoming increasingly difficult to spot in the wild, as they are becoming more and more endangered as their habitat dwindles
After the epic chase, the mother cheetah eventually managed to snare her unfortunate prey
But the cheetah’s success didn’t last long after the prey was snatched from the mouths of her cubs by a pair of spotted hyenas

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