Cannibal crocodile tears smaller rival to pieces before feasting on its HEAD in South African river

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Crocodile killed a smaller rival before ripping it open and feasting on its head.
The grizzly images show the large animal capturing the smaller crocodile by the neck and violently lashing it around.
And after being satisfied it has died, the bigger crocodile tears off its rival’s head before chewing down on its flesh.

Crocodile grabbed a smaller rival before ripping it open to feast on its head
Crocodile grabbing the little creature by the neck

The jaw-dropping moment was snapped by amateur photographer Rob Bowie from Cape Town, who was visiting the Letaba river.

Why do crocodiles not eat other crocodiles?

Crocodiles will eat any crocodile small enough for them to overpower, though males tend to allow smaller reproductive-age females to remain in their territory.

He said: ‘It was an unbelievable moment.
‘It took a good few minutes with the big croc doing its roll a couple of times but we couldn’t make out what it had in its jaws.

The crocodile pounced on a fellow animal
The large crocodile causes a massive splash in the river as he slams the smaller animal’s body against the river to try and kill it

‘Finally we saw it had attacked another croc with this stunning show of raw power – throwing its prey violently through the air.’
Mr Bowie was left dumbfounded by the crocodile’s brutal attack after setting up his equipment to photograph an elephant playing in the river.
He then quickly turned his camera to shoot the incredible crocodile attack.

After thrashing the animal around in the water, the crocodile then began chewing down on the flesh as it swam through the river
Mr Bowie said: ”It took us a while to realise what was going on but when we did it was amazing – I remember us all shouting “it’s another croc!”
After feasting on the head, the large crocodile then quietly slipped away and carried the body of his dead opponent in his mouth



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