Lucky Zebra escape from Crocodile Hunting

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Lucky zebra earned his stripes by fighting off a vicious crocodile attack.
A herd of zebras had been enjoying a refreshing drink at a waterhole in Kenya. When a group of crocodiles crept up on them.
Only narrowly missing its prey with its razor sharp teeth.

The zebras make a desperate break for land

Instinctively the zebra lashes out. Zebra kicked its back hoof straight into the face of the crocodiles.
Photographers Laurent Renaud and Dominique Haution captured the watery war.
Laurent said: “It was all very dramatic.

The zebras enjoy a peaceful drink Masai Mara National Reserve
One of the zebras notices something in the water
The zebra appears to glance at a crocodile that has managed to approach within inches
The powerful crocodile strikes the startled zebra
The Crocodile snaps its jaws shtu and appears to almost get a grip on the zebra
The crocodile appears to catch one of the zebras
Photographers Laurent Renaud and Dominique Haution captured the dramatic scenes

About 100 zebras were trying to cross the river and they just stopped for a quick drink.
Some zebras have seen a crocodile before, but many just think they’re logs.
Fortunately they always remain apprehensive while drinking which meant all of them got away safely.
At the end, the crocodiles were furious – they were angrily baring their teeth from across the river.

Relief: The zebra stands on the bank after its miraculous escape
Grinning: The fortunate animal almost appears to smile after escaping becoming crocodile’s meal
Out of luck: The crocodiles are left looking hungry and fed up on the opposite bank



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