Brave Seal Try to Fight with Shark to Live

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The brave Seal still tries to fight with shark back the enemy to find a way to live.
This is a rare thing that can be recorded by humans. This scene is recorded by photographer William Buchheit.

Seals range in size from the 1 m and 45 kg Baikal seal to the 5 m and 3,200 kg southern elephant seal. Several species exhibit sexual dimorphism.

How many sharks are there in the world today?

Unfortunately, many shark species are under attack and are decreasing in numbers every year. Experts estimate that 100 million sharks are killed by people each year. Sharks are eaten as seafood in many areas, including Japan and Australia.

Sharks are a group of elasmobranch fish characterized by a cartilaginous skeleton. In the world, they five to seven gill slits on the sides of the head.
Well-known species such as the great white shark, tiger shark, blue shark, mako shark, thresher shark, and hammerhead shark.

Large sharks are often eaten in this area. Their favorite prey is the seals. Seals are rich in nutrients and fat.

While traveling on the way to False Bay, William unexpectedly encountered a rare case when a mature seal weighing between 25 and 35 kilograms was under attack. This hunter is not too strange, it is a large shark.

The high-speed non-human phase and then biting the victim with a large, jagged, sharp-edged mouth seemed to have been the shark’s trademark.

The idea of ​​the seal will “go away” right after that but not, it uses the most resonant flare to the enemy.
While standing afar, William was able to capture the moment the seal was tearing at the mouth of the enemy in hopes of finding a way to live.

According to photographer William, the seals fought the shark more than 20 times.
However, until the last minute, due to the strength of the seals still become food for the enemy. At least, it has done as much as possible and caused tremendous difficulties for sharks.




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