Boy Attacked by Snake as Photographers Watch: Facts

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The photograph is basically claimed to show an African child being attacked by a large snake while a cameraman filming remains without helping the victim. The picture was widely shared on social networks, and some versions of it also included the logo of National Geographic. The photograph was widely criticized, also with angry comments about rich vs. poor and black vs. white, and even the attitude of the media was questioned! The picture, however, is not what it appears.

This photograph of the African boy being attacked by a large snake as the cameraman watches was actually a staged incident for a documentary reenactment. It is just a dramatization of an attack on a Discovery Channel series called “Nature’s Deadliest”. The National Geographic logo was superimposed on this image, and was not related to the image or television show.

The scene in the “Nature’s Deadliest” program shows a girl (not a boy) being attacked by an African Python. The next scene of the dramatization includes a man, who successfully rescues the girl off snake. But the snake turns its attention to the rescuer, and then things go wrong — killing the man in the process.  Again, this was a part of the dramatization act of the program.

The ‘Nature’s Deadliest’ program of Discovery Channel provided educational commentary as well as dramatizations to show viewers the deadly profile of those deadly creatures. It also shows how they attack when you least expect it. Discovery Channel began the show with a viewer discretion warning that the scenes could be upsetting.

To conclude, the image claiming to show an African boy (girl actually) being attacked by a large snake. While photographers watch is another case of a decontextualized photo; it just shows dramatization act of the 2008 Discovery Channel series “Nature’s Deadliest.”



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