Birds Borrowed Feathers from the Panda to Build the Nest

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The panda was asleep. Birds Borrowed Feathers from the Panda to Build the Nest
This Bird has decided to borrow a few to build a new nest.

The throne is known for its superior intelligence in the wildlife world.  But a crow in China is better off nowadays as it causes more people to witness.

Which countries do pandas live in?

Giant Pandas’ Habitat Bamboo Forest in Western China. The only remaining giant panda habitat is on the mountainous eastern edge of west China, in Sichuan, Shaanxi, and Gansu provinces. Giant Pandas mainly live in Sichuan Province.

A visitor to the Beijing zoo on April 9 was fortunate to witness a rare sight.  When a tiny crow was secretly “stealing” the feathers from a panda’s buttocks. Bird is resting on a wooden board.

These funny pictures quickly received tens of thousands of hits from netizens as most of them were surprised by the muddy and intelligent nature of the little bird.

Although it has just begun construction, this nest has been implicitly identified as one of the most expensive when made from the feathers of the “national security” of the country’s billion people.

“Building a house with panda feathers? This is definitely the most expensive crown of the year,” a netizen with the nickname Yuanyuandixiaoza excitedly said.

“From now on the panda should be careful, otherwise one day he will not find any hair on the body again.”



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