Beautiful moment about wild animal: lion, owl, bear…

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Animal pictures battle. It out to be crowned Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards winners this year. Lion is the king animal. Wild owl is so cool in those picture.

After they received more than 2,200 entries. The judges have whittled the photographs down to a shortlist of just 40.

From lions appearing to be laughing to seemingly headless penguins. This superb collection will have you in stitches.

An African lions looks like she finds something hilarious. This harvest mouse is appearing to be waving at the camera. An unfortunate portrait of a buffalo. This bataleur had been preening himself for 3 hours.

A little leopard tortoise jumps on a friends back. A squirrel does everything to get these rose hips. A grizzly bear doing a bad job of catching a salmon.

A hyena appears to find something hilarious. Two weaver ants appearing to dance together.

Four pigeon burrowing owls stare directly at photographer Mario Gustavo Fiorucci.

A bear appears to have wings growing from its head. A mother and son leopard pair have a playful fight.

A tough day at the office for this fox.

A jiungle babbler covers another’s eyes with its wing.

A wild owl appears to be walking along in a very serious manner.



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