Angry Sheep attack Dog in Farm

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The rampant mad cow rushed into the attack, huddled by the shepherd dog leader, the shepherd dog Border Collie ran away when the rebellious sheep attacked …

It is rare for sheep to dare confront dogs, but this rare event happened on a farm in Ireland. Earlier this week, social networking video recorded a harsh encounter between a lamb and a dog border Border Collie.

When confronted with a fierce hunting dog, the sheep, though frightened, still took all their courage to attack, knocking on their heels.

With six times the weight of the dog and sudden aggression, the sheep in a moment caused the Border Collie to run away. The sheep continue to chase the dog.

However, the border Collie quickly regained the spirit of a skilled cattle grazer, turning his head against the stubborn sheep, who were not willing to enter the cage.

The dog proved fierce that the sheep reluctantly entered the place.
When watching this scene, the online community was extremely interested. The sheep is called many sheep, some are called rebel sheep.

Besides, few people give praise to the shepherd dogs have completed their duties well. According to the British newspaper, the owner of this farm is Mr. Pay Byrne (55). Byrne said that his farm was 67 hectares of grassland, feeding countless flocks of sheep.

He chooses the Border Collie as the governing goat because they are English-born breeders.
The Border Collie is considered the # 1 breed of intelligent breed. They are bright, easy to teach, fast learner commands and is a good breed of cattle in the large pasture.

In the shepherd dogs owned by Byrne, he was most satisfied with Jim – the dog had been in conflict with the sheep in the clip. Jim is a 5th world border hunter. Byrne remarks, Jim is like the leader in the care, watching cattle on the farm. “I would not be able to do without Jim,” said Byrne.



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