Amazing Honey Badger Attack Leopard

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Honey badger drifted by the spotted reporter. It is grabbed meat to eat meat. This is hit the leopard leopard.
The large speck is paying too much for its contempt. When It trying to catch and eat a honey badger.

He saw the spotlight. The honey was hastily disappeared into the nearest cave. It be safe. But the leopard was running to use the jaw puller.
Leopard thought he would have a good meal, but he was not expecting a formidable opponent.

The war in the wilderness between the two animals is exactly the same as Mark Twain’s old adage: “The problem is not the size of the dog in battle, but the size of the fight in the dog.”

Instead of running away from the predator, the honeycomb (which is famous for its brutality, it can kill the poisonous snakes, burst into the honeybee’s loot with thousands of guards without scared to hit the enemy, using sharp teeth to tear off the jargon, causing many scratches and painful bite for the leopard.

Leopard grasping the advantage of collecting honey, but because the meadow has thick and smooth skin, it quickly out and take advantage.

These impressive images were photographed by a Dutch wildlife photographer, Vincent Grafhorst, 40, in Botswana, Africa.

Eventually, the leopard decided to abandon the “delicious dinner” when receiving some life-threatening injuries.
The photographer shared the savage battle of two animals: “The meadow does not seem to be injured, but the spotting has obviously been seriously wounded.”



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