Amazing!!! Hippo Save Kudu From Crocodile attack

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Whenever a pack of bullies comes around it helps to have a big guy on your side – and when that helping hand is a hippo you know your luck is in. In this amazing video a baby hippo sends a pack of wild dogs scampering away from a fortunate kudu at the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. The female of the antelope species was a target for the bloodthirsty mob, and had leaped into a water hole to escape their clutches.

The baby hippo showed sent the mob of wild dogs packing at the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe
Earlier it seemed the hippos were going to chase the kudu ashore where certain death by the dogs awaited
The kudu makes a desperate attempt to evade a pursuing hippo while the dogs lie in wait on the banks

She thought she was safe as the dogs can’t swim, but then found herself sharing the water with three crocodiles and three hippos. Luckily for the kudu the reptiles weren’t hungry, having stolen a kill from the wild dogs two days before, while she found an unlikely ally in the baby of the three hippos who jumped out of the water and chased the dogs away.

Sue-Ellen Kuhn, a guest at the park, said: ‘It was the crack of dawn and we headed to the closest watering hole on safari expecting to see zebras, antelopes, giraffes, elephants leisurely drinking in silent thankfulness that they had survived the night.

The hippo took on the entire pack, none of whom were brave enough to try and strike their larger opponent

‘To our delight, we stumbled across an exciting dance of life and death. ‘On the banks of the watering hole was a pack of 11 wild dogs in full hunting mode. These dogs are frenzied and vicious killers that feed on their prey before it has died. ‘As wild dogs can’t swim, the kudu thought that she was safe in the water but she was sadly mistaken as that watering hole was also home to three hippos and three crocodiles. ‘We waited by the watering hole for three hours, all the while transfixed by the scene playing out in front of us.

‘The dogs were snapping on the bank, the hippos were pushing the kudu to the edge and the crocs were lurking. ‘We hoped the kudu would survive but couldn’t see how with the odds so heavily stacked against her.

The dogs mass on the banks for the water hole just waiting for the kudu to come ashore so they can attack
Two of the dogs got close to their female target but she managed to stay just out of range in the water
The dogs made an attempt to attack a crocodile but had no more joy than they did with the hippo or kudu
The kudu nervously eyes the waiting dogs as she just manages to keep her head above water

‘We braced ourselves for the inevitable and distressing scene we knew was coming. ‘To us, the only mystery was whether the kudu would succumb to the wild dogs, the hippos or the crocs.’ Instead the kudu slipped away to safety while the baby hippo was filmed bellowing at the pack of dogs, sending them scattering as it showed its mighty jaws. One or two of the bolder members keep coming close and harassing their much larger opponent but the hippo ultimately sees them all off.

The kudu had to avoid the pack of dogs and the hippos, who appeared to be circling her with similar intent

Fellow guest Cees van Ginkel added: ‘To our surprise the crocs swam right past the kudu and got out of the water to sun themselves on the bank. ‘Apparently they had stolen a kill from the wild dogs two days before in exactly the same circumstances and weren’t hungry. ‘The dogs turned their attention to one of the crocs, without success. The law of the jungle played out – there is always another predator bigger than you. ‘To add insult to injury, the baby hippo got out of the water and chased the dogs away. With help from it’s new friend and safe from immediate danger, we left the kudu warming itself in the morning sun.’

The hippos chased the kudu around the watering hole for a time but one of them ended up being an ally

Rose Hipwood, founder of The Luxury Safari Company said: ‘To see something which involves all of these species is incredible but to see it in Zimbabwe is even more special.’

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