Alligator is pulled from a Florida Swimming Pool

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An alligator was pulled from a swimming pool on night.

The Sarasota Sheriff’s Office arrived at a residence on the 2000 block. After we received reports of discovered the large reptile taking a dip.

Those pictures shows the creature swimming laps around the pool. Alligator thrashed as a trapper works to secure the gator. The alligator was captured. It is seen on the lawn of the home. Where it is struggling against the ropes.
Patricia Carver told: “The alligator broke through her screened in porch to enter the pool.

She said her husband woke up. When he heard a loud noise coming from the porch and found the scaly creature.

‘He opened the curtain and saw the head of a gator and said: “Call 911, call 911!”‘ Carver told the station. ‘I felt a little apprehensive but we could see he really wasn’t moving.’
After arriving at the home, Sarasota County deputies called an animal trapper to remove the alligator from the pool.

The incident was documented on the official Twitter page of the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office in ‘Tweet from the Beat’ – a series of live social media updates officers post while on patrol.
The Sheriff’s Office then posted photos and a video on Facebook of the reptile being pulled from the swimming pool with the hashtags #NeveraDullMoment and #OnlyinFlorida.

Carver said she believes that low water levels in local lagoons may have played a role in how the alligator ended up in her pool.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission issued a warning a residents earlier this week to be more aware of surroundings because gators will become a more common sighting as temperatures rise.




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