Beautiful moment: Dad Meerkat Keeps a Watchful Eye Open for Enemies

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Dad Meerkat Keeps a Watchful Eye Open for Enemies. Cub Simba was shown his future kingdom by dad Mufasa in Disney’s The Lion King. Here is a replay of the famous scene except this time the stars of the show are wild meerkats.

Dad Meerkat Keeps an eye Open for Enemies
The Story Begins, which inspired photographer Thomas Retterath to visit Botswana

An adult meerkat surveys the plains of Africa and seems to be saying ‘One day all this will be yours’. It placingĀ  an arm around his son’s shoulders as the pair scan the horizon together.

A meerkat puts his arm around his son’s shoulder as they scan the horizon at the Makgadikgadi Salt Pan in Botswana

The copy-kat moment was caught on camera by caterer Thomas Retterath, 48, from, Nurburg, Germany. The hobby photographer spotted the duo while on safari at Makgadikgadi Salt Pan in Botswana, where he watched a mob of seven meerkats patrolling their territory.

Dad keeps a watchful eye open for enemies and the possibility of something to eat

Thomas was inspired to take the trip after watching the popular Meerkat Manor TV series. He said: ‘It reminded me of drunk men trying to stabilise each other on their way home, but others in my group said it was juts like The Lion King. ‘The mob only let alpha animals have pups. It improves the survival possibilities for all as there will be no overpopulation but enough food for all.

The adult meerkat seems to be telling his son ‘One day all this will be yours’ as they survey their kingdom

‘It was great to watch them from just a few metres away and they were very funny. They stand on their back feet to look out for food and enemies.’ Meerkats are found in the Kalahari Desert across South Africa and Botswana and can live for up to 14 years.

Mother Meerkat save her baby

You can see video about meerkat:

MeerKat vs Snake Battle

If I am Snake, I will fast run. Because I think I can't win The MeerKat. Let's see what Snakes do to get out of danger !!!

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