A Wild Dog Getting a Good Bite at the Lioness

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The battle between lions and wild dogs. Lion will win. This time though the wild dogs decided to fight back.

Guide OD was out with guests on a pack of wild dogs. He caught up with them just. As they managed to bring down an impala. The pack fed well began chasing one another around. The commotion did not go unnoticed however. Before long there was a lioness on the scene. She stalked her way towards the pack. It gave chase right across a fairly open area. Hyenas managed to catch one of the youngsters in the process.

You would think. The much smaller wild dogs would have retreated. But this was not the case at all. They fought back in an attempt to save their lost pack member.
The whole pack turned on the lioness and an incredible fight broke out…speaking to OD about the incident his words were, “You could not believe the noise…the constant yelping and barking of the wild dogs on attack was only interrupted by the defensive growls and roars of the lioness.”

Multiple blows were exchanged. You could see a couple of the dogs dripping with blood. After they had been swiped by the lioness. This didn’t stop them however. They continued to attack the lion forcing her to retreat. Things would subside for a few seconds. Then the pack would launch another attack. The dogs managed to beat up the lioness a bit. But her injuries were merely superficial. There is no doubt. That she will think twice should before taking on her new enemy in future.

Africa’s wild dogs remain endangered in parts. There is currently a very healthy population. Chitabe has a great representation of many of Africa’s famed big mammals. It has to be one for large predator viewing with good chances of seeing wild dog. This pack of wild dogs has made the Chitabe area the core. One adult female and three adult males.

In May 2014 they had 13 pups of which seven amazingly survived to the next denning season. In May 2015 we saw at least 12 new pups bringing the number to 22. After a natural death of one of the founding males. This shows just how quickly packs can grow. At present the pack stands at 19 after further natural mortalities that include this one.

The lioness forms part of the Tsame Pride. She and her sister have five surviving cubs from their last litters. They have all left their natal pride as a group, with the young females doing this too.

This is possibly because new males to the area may have caused them to split with their brothers as they were still too young to mate and may have risked being killed.

As a result the older lionesses sometimes move around on their own as was the case here. Shortly after killing the wild dog pup. She moved off with another male that approached the area.

By: wilderness-safaris.com



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