A Kangaroo Boxes with a Man in a Clown Suit During

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Kangaroo boxing obscurity to take on the Ukrainian fighter.
Champion Primo Carnera ‘sparred’ with Jo-Jo the kangaroo in Atlantic City. Those would have animal rights groups up in arms today.

Those days put a kangaroo up against a human in a boxing ring. You were guaranteed a hit show. They had them rolling in the aisles.
Despite the fact that some of the world’s more notable boxers got into the ring with kangaroos. The Marquess of Queensberry rules certainly did not apply. Kangaroos used their forelegs to grip onto their opponents. Then they kick their opponents where it hurts with their large. This is powerful hind legs.

Kangaroo boxing first came to light in both the Northern.
New South Wales paper Barrier Miner published an article on kangaroo boxing. An article referencing the act being done in public appeared.
The phenomenon had some breakout stars:. The kangaroo became the face of kangaroo boxing in Australia.

John L was named after one of the most beloved boxers of the day. An Irish-American boxer recognized as the first official heavyweight champion.

Kangaroos are genetically inclined towards the sport. It soon became all the rage.

The trend swept the globe, emerging as a popular performance carnivals.
It would grow into an iconic cultural symbol in Australia.

It was later animated in several films. The Simpsons-as well as the real life act in films like Matilda.
The owner of the festival, Javier Martinez, was on the American Department of Agriculture watch list after several of his performance kangaroos died in four months.

Other recent images show bizarre marsupial-versus-human bout happened during the so-called Animal Olympics in Shanghai, China.



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