A blue Headed Lizards Has Developed Cloak

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Biologists were baffled blue lizards. They have evolved their vivid blue and green colouring.

While the brightly coloured skin it useful for attracting a mate.  It should also make them easy for predators to spot. Researchers have found these 15 inch long lizards. Lizards have a secret weapon against hungry birds of prey – their own cloaking device.

They discovered reflects light in different ways depending on the angle.  It is viewed from. When viewed from above invisible to birds. However the lizards still stand out. Lizards can spot those looking for mate.
While the females tend to remain well camouflaged against the rock.  The males develop vivid green bodies and bright blue heads as they reach sexual maturity.

As these reptiles hunt during the day.  The males should be conspicuous.
They found the lizard’s skin reflected the widest spectrum of light, making them appear more colourful.

However, when viewed from above, their skin appeared far duller and reflected less light, particularly in the blue and ultraviolet end of the spectrum.

As birds tend to see far more ultraviolet light than humans, this should make the lizards harder to see. However, the difference in reflection is difficult for human eyes to see vision in birds is quite different from our own.
The scientists then compared the amount of contrast the lizards had against different backgrounds found in their habitat, such as rock, wood and the laurel-leaved rock rose and the dried leaves from the Pyrenean oak.

They found that the lizards’ blue heads were far more conspicious to other lizards on the same plane as the lizards than to birds of prey flying above.

This suggests their brightly coloured iridescent skin actually helps the male lizards to blend into their background.

Dr Pérez i de Lanuza said their results suggested that if birds were able to view the lizards from the ground, however, they would find them easy to spot, while lizards would struggle to find potential mates if they viewed from above.

This ability to direct certain colours of light in specific directions is what has allowed the lizards to develop such bright skin for attracting partners without being targetted by predators.
This could allow scientists to develop new types of camouflage for the military if it can be adapted.




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