700 pound Snake is Found in north California

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Was a giant 700 pound snake killed in Proctor?

Two photographs showing what appear to be absolutely enormous snakes are currently going viral — both images feature captions stating that the snakes in question are: over 700 lbs, 98 feet long, man-killers, found in North Carolina, found in Indonesia, etc.

Are any of these things true?

I’ll go over the facts with regards to these photos, and also provide some general information on snakes.

The caption that generally accompanies that the snake in question found in a lake in Proctor, North Carolina.

The snake is generally as being somewhere around 46 to 98 feet long. (Lol, is that one of the effects of deforestation? The discovery of incredibly big snakes?)

It is clear though that even with exaggeration, that is a very large snake.

The largest snake specimen ever reported (reputably) was a 32-foot-long reticulated python(Python reticulatus). People caught it in Indonesia in the early 1900s.

The viral photos appear to have originated as part of an Indonesian news article published in late 2012.

That article stated that the python was discovered in Indonesia, before being killed and buried.

The species in question  — generally “only” grow to sizes of around 20 or so feet. Larger individuals are certainly exist. With regards to the recent photos — my guess is that those snakes were probably somewhere around 25-30 feet long.

The largest snake species to ever exist on the Earth was the titanoboa. Titanoboa cerrejonensis is estimated to have regularly reached sizes of 40-50 feet in length, and 2000-2500 lbs.

It’s thought that the warmer climate at the time may have been part of what allowed the species to reach such gigantic sizes. The species arose shortly after the End-Cretaceous extinction event though, so the loss of large dinosaur may have had something to do with it as well.

It isn’t a snake, there is an animal that looks a good deal like one, one that grows to lengths like those described in the viral photos. The giant oarfish can grow to lengths of over 50 feet long. The strange and beautiful animal is the likely origin of sea serpent legends.


Some facts about the python
  • They are no venomous constrictors — they kill via constrictions .
  • They are very good swimmers, and have established populations  within their range.
  • Fishermen often report seeing them very far from land, and apparently completely at ease in the ocean.
  • They are primarily ambush hunters. Attacks on humans are rare, but they do occur.



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