10 Animals With The Most Bizarre Defense Mechanisms You’ve Ever See

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There is no end to the amount of crazy and bizarre things you can find in the animal kingdom. Today, we’re taking a look at animals’ defense mechanisms, and not surprising, we have found some pretty bizarre (and sometimes downright nasty) stuff. From animals that will projectile-vomit on your face to creatures that will literally knock you out with their stench, these are 9 animals with the most bizarre defense mechanisms you’ve ever seen.

Exploding Ants

This ants live in Malaysia and have the potential to explode, but built to serve and protect the rest of the colony. Considered a soldier ant, its insides are packed with poisonous sacks from its head all the way down its back. When a predator appears, the ant will contract its muscles to build up the poison. Then, similar to a pressure cooker, it explodes, spraying the toxins on the threat. The predator can die from the poison, or if it’s large enough to survive, it will think twice before approaching another ant in the area. But the Malaysian ant dies as well, giving its life and limbs for the greater good of the ant colony.


The Texas Horned Lizard has one of the bloodiest self-defense mechanisms in the animal kingdom…literally. When threatened, the lizard pressures its sinus cavities until the blood vessels in its eyes burst, shooting its attacker with a steady stream of blood from its eyes.


An animal that squirts foul smelling anal juice at its predators definitely deserves to be on this list. The Skunk has two glands which produce a mixture of sulfur-containing chemicals with a high offensive odor. The scent is strong enough to ward of bears and can even cause temporary blindness.

The stick insect

As the name implies, the stick insect looks like a stick, but can sometimes even look like leaves with mossy outgrowths. But camouflage is not its only line of defense for these guys; some stick insects can also spray their attackers with a defensive secretion which not only smells bad but can also cause mouth and eye irritation.


When threatened, opossums fall into a comatose-like state that can last for hours, long enough to convince any predator that the opossum is already dead. But if that’s not enough, opossums also emit a foul-smelling green spray.

Sea Cucumber

This defenseless-looking sea cucumber has a secret weapon. When under threat, it expels its own guts as sticky filaments that can tangle or injure its aggressor.

Flying Fish

The flying fish has developed an extraordinary ability to fly or glide for long distances in order to evade predators. To accomplish this, the fish swims at speeds of up to 37 mph (60 km) enabling it to break through the water surface. Then it uses its large pectoral fins as wings which allow the fish to become airborne. Once out of the water, it can fly for up to 656 feet (200 meters).

The Potato beetle

The Potato beetle has a nasty way of protecting itself from predators. The larvae cover themselves in their own feces which is poisonous and smells pretty bad…enough to keep predators away.

Japetella heathi Octopus

The Japetella heathi octopus has developed a defense mechanism which enables it to evade two types of deadly predators—those that look for silhouettes from above, and those which use their own light to find prey. To avoid creating a silhouette, the octopus is almost completely transparent. However, this makes it a target for creatures with bioluminescense. To avoid these, the octopus changes its color to red, greatly reducing its reflectivity. This effectively makes the octopus invisible to angler fish and other headlight fish.

African crested porcupines

Armed with quills long enough to pierce through predators’ internal organs, the African crested porcupine is one animal you’d be wise to avoid. If it sense danger, the porcupine will charge backwards or sideways to stab the quills into the predator. If it’s being chased, it will stop suddenly, causing the predator to run headlong into its quills.

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